Large Inventory of Used Aerial Lifts in Florida
Ring Power offers a wide range of used aerial equipment for North Florida companies and those throughout the state, including Straight Boom Lifts, Articulating Boom Lifts, and Scissor Lifts ranging from 15' to 135' in platform heights. Our work platforms include electric, dual fuel, and diesel configurations.

Used Boom Lifts 
When looking for a used boom lift, Florida businesses trust the reliability and durability of our used machine inventory. We offer used boom lifts from our rental fleet, all carefully serviced to ensure long-lasting performance.
Used straight boom lifts, or telescoping lifts, include a telescoping arm attached to an open work basket. The arm rests on a rotating turntable. Straight boom lifts are ideal for jobs that require maximum height, such as electric utility work and tree pruning.
If you need to maneuver around obstacles, consider one of our used articulating boom lifts. Sometimes called knuckle lifts, an articulated boom lift has a jointed arm to reach around obstacles. Articulated boom lifts are well-suited for pruning in established landscaping or negotiating any hard-to-reach area. Check our inventory of used boom lifts today.

Used Scissor Lift
Florida businesses may require boom lifts with larger work platforms than telescoping or articulated booms. A scissor lift provides a larger work basket and is often used for window-washing or painting jobs. 
Unlike other used aerial equipment, a scissor lift extends straight up, instead of out at an angle. A scissor lift must be placed on flat, stable ground, and it offers less maneuverability. Its larger, stable work platform makes up for these features.
Take a look at our used scissor lifts today.

Used Shooting Boom Forklift
A shooting boom forklift is a heavy-duty piece of equipment, intended to move and position large items in construction sites and other work areas. Capable of performing in rugged terrain, the forklift includes an enclosed cab, heavy wheels and a strong arm capable of lifting items weighing thousands of pounds. The arm may use a number of attachments, including work platforms.
Check our used shooting boom forklift inventory to find the machine that best serves your needs.    
Used Aerial Equipment Backed by Service You Can Count On
Choosing used aerial equipment can be difficult. Our knowledgeable customer service representatives can help you make the right choice for your business. 
In addition, our servicing staff can ensure your purchase remains in top-notch condition after purchase. We offer servicing both in our work shop and in the field, backed with an extensive parts inventory.

Financing Options
Used aerial equipment saves Florida businesses money, but even used machinery, especially as specialized as a used shooting boom forklift, represents a significant investment. Contact us today to discuss financing options and extended service packages for used equipment.  


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