Your Source of Reliable Used Agricultural Tractors in Florida and Beyond
The humble, hard-working tractor stands out as one of the most important pieces of agricultural equipment. Few other machines have the versatility and all-around durability of the agricultural tractor, whether you’re plowing, seeding, hauling, clearing or harrowing. At Ring Power, we offer a range of used ag tractors to meet your needs.

Choosing Used Ag Tractors
To the outside, one tractor may not look much different than another. If you’re in the agricultural business, however, you know this isn’t the case. Different tractors provide very different services.
Basic, four-wheel used ag tractors are the workhorses of the ag industry, and they’re capable of performing a wide range of functions. Depending on your needs, you may need more specialized equipment. Row crop and high crop tractors, for instance, have adjustable treads so you can navigate crop rows without damaging plants.

Used Challenger® Tractors
Challenger® utilizes the most current technology to design and build their tractors for fuel efficiency and durability in the field. If you need both power and precision, our Challenger Ag Tractors are some of the best in the industry. Check our used agricultural equipment listings for Challenger tractors.

Used Track-Type Ag Tractors
In addition to four-wheel tractors, we also offer track-type ag tractors, which substitute wheels for a continuous track system. While a used track-type tractor certainly has agricultural applications, they are often used for non-agricultural uses, such as leveling roads and clearing debris. The track system offers better traction on uneven ground, in mud or in snow.
When used for construction, a used track-type tractor often includes a front-loader or backhoe. If someone is talking about bulldozers, they’re often referring to a heavy-duty track-type tractor.

Financing Used Agricultural Equipment
Used ag tractors offer significant savings over new models, but even used agricultural equipment can put a strain on your available capital. At Ring Power we offer flexible financing to help you buy the equipment you need. In addition, our post-sale servicing agreements protect your investment.

Used Tractors Serviced for Optimal Performance 
When it comes to reliability, you can count on our used tractors. Florida farmers and businesses trust Ring Power’s used agricultural equipment because they are serviced for optimal performance. All used ag tractors in our inventory are from our extensive late model rental fleet, and their use and work hours have been carefully recorded so you know exactly what you’re getting.
Before each sale, our skilled service staff ensures all equipment meets our high standards, and your purchase leaves the shop ready to provide you with nothing less than trouble-free performance. 
Check our inventory listings often, as the list is frequently updated. If you have difficulty finding a used tractor to meet your needs, contact our knowledgeable customer service representatives. They’ll help you find the used agricultural equipment that gets the job done, without breaking your budget.  


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