Florida’s Choice for Used Dump Trucks
The dump truck is an industrial workhorse — vital to many companies’ daily operations. At Ring Power, we offer a large inventory of used dump trucks, all serviced and maintained to provide optimum performance at affordable prices.

On- and Off-Road Used Dump Trucks
Florida businesses needing to transport loose soil, wood and construction materials along public roads rely heavily on sturdy on-road dump trucks. On-road dump trucks are almost ubiquitous parts of daily life — and absolutely essential for a range of construction, forestry and agricultural uses.

Off-road dump trucks are larger, more powerful machines for use in large-scale mining, lumber and construction operations. In addition to rigid-frame off-road trucks, Ring Power also sells used all-wheel drive articulated trucks capable of handling the heaviest loads over the toughest terrain. 
Once rotated out of the Ring Power rental fleet, used dump trucks receive a thorough servicing to bring each vehicle close to “zero defect” condition. When purchasing a Ring Power used dump truck, Florida businesses know they’ll receive a tough, durable vehicle ready to perform immediately.

Check our listings for used dump trucks, off-road trucks and articulated trucks often. Our listings change frequently as we rotate late-model vehicles out of our rental fleet and into the sales inventory.

Protect Your Used Dump Truck with Preventative Maintenance
Ring Power sells used dump trucks in the best possible condition, and we help keep vehicles operating efficiently with preventative maintenance programs. Preventative maintenance identifies and resolves issues before they develop into problems, so you avoid unexpected repair work.
When a used dump truck needs repairs, Florida companies rely on our well-stocked and extensive parts inventory. Our service team is comprised of skilled technicians who are as at home working in the field as they are in the shop —we’ll keep your trucks running no matter where they’re located. 

Financing Your Used Dump Truck
Used dump trucks are more affordable than new models, but they still can represent a significant investment. This is especially true of large, specialized off-road dump trucks. At Ring Power, we offer financing options to help you meet your fleet requirements without over-taxing your operating budget. 

Whether you’re looking for on- or off-road used dump trucks, Ring Power has the vehicle, financing and service options you need. Contact us today, and we’ll help you find the right truck for your needs.  


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