Your Source for Used Mining Equipment

Florida mining companies rely on Ring Power to provide them with high quality, top-of-the-line used products focused on the Mining Industry. From used mining trucks and construction equipment to power plants and generators, Ring Power has the used mining equipment Florida companies can rely on.

Used Mining Trucks
Used mining equipment must be rugged, durable and capable of providing consistently powerful performance. Cat® mining trucks fill all these criteria. While we offer many brands of used mining equipment, Ring Power uses Cat articulated mining trucks as part of our extensive rental fleet. Once rotated out of the rental fleet, we service and recondition used mining trucks, bringing them to a state of zero defect before adding them to our used inventory.

Generators, Loaders and Other Used Mining Equipment
Mining trucks, while important, are only one part of the inventory of used mining equipment we offer. In addition to heavy duty loaders, construction equipment, roadwork equipment and earthmoving machines, we also offer a large selection of Cat generators and power plants.

Protect Your Used Mining Equipment With Preventative Maintenance Agreements
Ring Power sells used mining equipment only after restoring it to the highest quality of performance. Once in the field, however, equipment needs regular servicing to maintain its optimum productivity. Small problems can develop into serious mechanical issues requiring you to pull equipment out of production. As any business knows, idle equipment slows productivity and eats into profits.
To assist you in maintaining used mining equipment, Florida-based Ring Power offers preventative maintenance packages. Backed up by our experienced and talented technicians and a vast inventory of replacement parts, our preventative maintenance packages will keep your used mining equipment operating at peak efficiency.

Financing Used Mining Equipment
Florida mining operations understand the need to keep equipment purchases affordable. After all, mining equipment is highly specialized machinery, and even used mining equipment can represent a significant investment.
Take advantage of Ring Power’s flexible financing options to prevent used equipment purchases from straining your operating budget. Whether you’re buying a single mining truck or completely outfitting a new dig with used mining equipment, our financing keeps your expenses under budget and under control. 

Check our used mining equipment inventory today, or contact our exceptional customer service to discuss your needs. We’ll help you find the finest in used equipment at the most affordable prices.


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