Your Source for Used Water Trucks and Used Water Wagons

Florida companies look to Ring Power for high quality used water trucks and wagons. Our used water truck inventory includes vehicles from Caterpillar®, JCB® and International, as does our water wagon listings. Whether you need water services for on-road or off-road sites, we’ve got you covered.

Water Wagons or Water Truck?
A used water truck is a rigid frame truck suitable for on-road delivery of water to construction or landscaping sites. In comparison, a used water wagon is a larger vehicle with a pivoted framework designed for off-road use in rugged and uneven terrain. Water wagons are common sites at mining, forestry and heavy industrial sites.

Ring Power Assures Quality and Performance
Many of the vehicles in Ring Power’s used water truck and water wagon inventories originally saw use in our industrial rental fleet. All equipment from our rental fleet has a history of regular servicing and upkeep to ensure the best quality performance.
Once rotated out of the rental fleet, a used water truck or wagon receives a final thorough servicing and reconditioning to bring the vehicle close to “zero defect” status. When purchasing Ring Power used water trucks, Florida businesses know their purchase is ready to provide exceptional performance from the moment it drives off the lot.

Financing a Used Water Wagon Purchase
A used water truck or wagon is an affordable alternative to purchasing new equipment, but it can still represent a significant investment. Paying for a used water wagon out-of-pocket would strain even the most robust operating budget.
Ring Power offers flexible financing options to make your equipment purchases as easy as possible. Whether they need a single used water wagon or a fleet of used water trucks, Florida businesses can count on Ring Power to provide the machines they need at reasonable prices.
Check our used water wagon and water truck inventories or contact our excellent customer service representatives to discuss your equipment needs.


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